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Our use of computers, as you would imagine, is evolving all the time in school.  We now have 20 laptops that can be used wirelessly throughout the school so that they can be used for discrete teaching of computing skills or as an aid to work in other areas of the curriculum.  


Children develop the skills they require to be computer literate: word-processing, programming, creating spreadsheets, combining multi-media, searching for information and creating videos, art and music.  In addition, computers are used to enhance the children's learning, particularly in maths, where fun games can really help children's understanding of concepts.


As children get older, their abilities increase, and we encourage them to become ever more creative, investigative and independent.  Class ipads are often used by the children to create videos.  Last year our Year 6 children were treated to a special workshop at the Apple Store to support this.


We take the children's - and staff's - esafety very seriously, ensuring that all the children receive training either through the school and through contact with other agencies such as the police, every year.  There are constant reminders about how to ensure safety as well as, with the older children, how to use social media respectfully and thoughtfully.  Parents are made aware of esafety through our agreements and through our website.