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Design and Technology

We have lots of fun with our technology in the school and our children love using different media to create interesting models and games.  The National Curriculum provides us with essential skills and knowledge and we use these to make both artistic and useful artefacts.


Throughout their time in the school, children are encouraged to design, make and evaluate a range of models which may have many different uses.  Modelling with clay, modroc and papier mache develops fine motor skills, while work with levers and cams enhances their understanding of scientific concepts.  Children create games, moving toys, pop-up books and models while, at the same time, developing the skills of co-operation self-evaluation which are essential to all areas of life.


Children are even taught to consider effective economics in Years 5 and 6 where they are asked to develop a game that other people can play at their annual Spring Fair.  They must consider costs and fairness if they are to make a small profit for charity!