Swanton Abbott Community Primary School

Doves - Year 1 and Year 2

Welcome back to our new term! 

As we being our new year we have some exciting changes….as we become one class and have a new name - Doves! 

Our teachers are Mrs McLean and Miss Brooks and we will be taught by both! 

Miss Edgar and Mrs Turner are there to support your child’s learning too.


Our Maths Learning this term will include:

>Number with a focus on Place Value       >Number – addition and subtraction

>3d and 2d shape exploring                      >Money – recognition, totals and problem solving


Our English learning

>Everyday we will have Phonics to support our sound knowledge to read and spell.  (Have a look at your home sound sheet!)

>We will enjoy Guided Reading with a focus on de-coding, comprehension, prosody skills.

>This term we will using ….

>Handwriting will be taught separately to ensure we form our letters correctly, and so present our work at the very best.  (Take a look at the formation sheet to help you at home – it is on our web page too!)


This term our theme is What is in the suitcase?

As Historians we will be step back in the past to meet Henry Blogg and imagine what Seaside holidays were like in the past.  We travel to Cromer to explore it as a settlement and the common landscape features through our Geography learning.  In Science we investigate the weather and investigate materials to help protect him against the rain.  Inspired by the seaside landscape we become artists and learn to paint like David Hockney and weave like fishermen. In Computing we practise how to be safe when using the internet, we will be doing lots of research! 

Our Religious Education learning will gain a greater understanding of how they belong to the Christian faith, including Baptism.

We will have weekly Musical singing and music skills session, and we are looking forward to a musical afternoon where we ‘Take Off!’

In Physical Education we will be developing skills in Games, Gymnastics and Dance.