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Using the National Curriculum as our core, we develop a very wide variety of activities around our history teaching and learning.  Wherever possible, we give our children first-hand experiences, such as examining real Roman, Tudor or Victorian artefacts or investigating how the history of the world in the last century is evidenced in the school's own log books.  


We combine our history learning with many other areas of the curriculum: art, geography, design and technology, maths and, of course, English.  Drama and role-play also help areas of history to come alive.  When appropriate, we invite experts to come and support us in this: a 'real' Florence Nightingale, as well as a 'real' ancient Greek have spent a day with us in recent years and our knowledge of Tudor history has been enhanced by working on productions of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'Macbeth'.


Opportunities for trips out are also taken when available.  We often visit local museums and places of interest to develop the children's enthusiasm for the subject and widen their understanding.