Swanton Abbott Community Primary School




To provide all pupils with a curriculum which provides depth of learning within each year’s programme of study. This teaches for mastery rather than a relentless teaching of children to follow a process. We believe that children’s comprehension of maths is paramount. We will provide the three main tenets of maths through giving pupils access to fluency, reasoning and problem solving activities. We focus on metacognition “thinking about thinking”, in our maths education, we intend all of our pupils to be able to talk with understanding about their maths and use CPA to support this.




We use White Rose and have a strong emphasis on CPA and “maths talk”. We provide the children with challenges and problem solving as part of their daily maths lessons. We assess our children daily as they work and use “scooping” to address misconceptions quickly. We provide targeted intervention to support children’s learning. We use maths in cross curricular and play activities and in outdoor and indoor settings. We focus every day on developing the pupil’s mathematical vocabulary and ability to reason.

We have focussed maths weeks and involve parents in these to share our approaches and enjoyment of maths.




Our pupils enjoy maths, they have good understanding and good mathematical language which underpins their ability to solve problems and reason about their work. They develop resilience, and confidence about maths and this develops their self- esteem.