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Mathematics is essential to everyday life and we try very hard to place our mathematical learning into real-life contexts.  We aim for children to develop a real enthusiasm for investigating mathematical ideas and resilience to keep going until they reach a positive conclusion.  


To support the children in this, we obviously teach all the essentials of number, calculation, shape and space, measures and statistics that the National Curriculum requires.  Over recent years, we have worked hard to develop the use of the more formal ways of carrying out calculations so that children have effective methods at their finger tips when carrying out problem solving.  


Most staff have received training on new mathematical teaching ideas, including ways of using our outdoor space to develop children's mathematical thinking.  The children say that they love doing their maths outside - especially chalking their sums all over the playground!


We also use a variety of different mathematical apparatus to aid children's learning; often the opportunity of making the maths 'physical' helps the children to understand concepts.  Maths is also deliberately brought into other areas of the curriculum, for example measuring in Science. We have even been known to bake cakes - which involves weighing - and then divide them up into different fractions.  Then we eat them!