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With the National Curriculum as our base, we provide many opportunities for children to take part in, and thoroughly enjoy, music making and singing.  We have collected a variety of instruments from around the world to enhance the children's creativity and to enable them to evaluate which instrument would work best to create a specific sound or mood.  Children are provided with opportunities to work together to develop, rehearse and perform their own compositions and use their own evaluative skills to improve them.  


Children enjoy singing at Swanton Abbott!  Our Junior singing is supported by a local volunteer pianist and children are encouraged to offer their own ideas about songs they wish to sing.  This year, this even led to our Year 5 and 6 children singing a sea shanty they had found on the internet while they turned one of the wheels on the Golden Hinde in London!  A perfect example of two different curriculum areas meeting together.


While they are with us, the children's knowledge of the music of other cultures and times is increased by listening to a variety of compositions, from well-known composers to Irish sing-a-longs and African drumming.  Although we do not carry out any formal instrument tuition in school at present, we have run clubs in recorders, guitar, steel pans, African drumming and keyboards, when we have had the opportunity.