Behaviour and
Wellbeing Support

The Coastal Together Federation has the shared values of Social Emotional Mental Health and Wellbeing for all supported through developmentally appropriate expectations of behaviour (including for preschool aged children). There is a shared understanding of values, and a strong commitment to work together to achieve common aims. Positive behaviour and educational consequences are essential if our schools are to provide a high quality education for all pupils.

Our behaviour and wellbeing policy follows from extensive discussion and consultation with pupils, staff, parents and Governors and acknowledges the school’s legal duties under the Equality Act 2010, particularly in respect of safeguarding and of pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN).  We very much value this partnership, and believe that any initiatives relating to behaviour and educational consequences cannot be fully effective without the cooperation of everyone within the school community.

Principles upon which our policy is based:

    • A reinforcement of positive behaviour (e.g. through stickers, certificates, awards)
    • Everyone is entitled to respect
    • Everyone should be treated fairly and consistently
    • Everyone has a responsibility to themselves and others
    • Teachers have a right to teach and pupils a right to learn as effectively as possible
    • Effective behaviours for learning is a shared undertaking between the school, the pupil, and those with parental responsibility

Click here to read our behaviour and anti-bullying policy.

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Rupture Repair Cycle

As human beings, we often suffer from a fear of getting things 'wrong', messing up, making mistakes. We strive for perfection, wanting to be a model colleague, the best practitioner, the perfect parent. And nowhere is this truer than in our relationships: we so desperately want to get it right for ourselves and those we care about. And yet, the reality is that relationships are a messy business where mistakes are inevitable.

The good news is that research shows that in any relationship the 'mistakes' - the moments of disconnection - matter far less than how and whether we can find our way back into connection with one another. In fact, when skilfully done, such repairs to the relationship actually serve to strengthen the bonds of the attachment. It is repairs that build trust.



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