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At Swanton Abbott School, we aim to investigate how the practices and beliefs of other religions and cultures can be reflected in our own.  We use the Norfolk Syllabus as a base from which to explore other religions and encourage the children to formulate lines of enquiry to research particular topics.  We do not simply learn facts about the practices and beliefs of other religions, but constantly consider much deeper questions about the role of religions in society and our own moral standpoints.


The study of Religious Education links well with many other areas of the curriculum, particularly art, drama and food technology and we take advantage of these links whenever possible.  Although we do not have easy access to a wide variety of places of worship, we do take advantage of our proximity to the local church and also visit a synagogue in Norwich.  We hope that where we cannot easily carry out field trips, our use of good internet sites with video clips is able to enhance the children's learning.