Swanton Abbott Community Primary School

Religious Education




We use the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus to provide high quality RE which will support the development of the pupil’s religious literacy. In the context of the agreed syllabus being religiously literate means that pupils will have the ability to hold balanced and well informed conversations about religion and world views.

(Norfolk Agreed Syllabus 2019)




We use the unit plans from the Agreed syllabus as our medium term plans from which to plan cycles of lessons within our rolling curriculum. We assess against the Diocesan AREs




Pupils will be able to make sense of religion and worldviews around them and begin to understand the complex world in which they live. RE is primarily about enabling pupils to become free thinking, critical participants of public discourse, who can make academically informed judgements about important matters of religion and belief which shapes the global landscape. (Norfolk Agreed Syllabus 2019)

Religious Education Curriculum Map

Religious Education in the Early Years