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Woodpecker Class (Years 3&4)

Welcome to the Woodpecker Class!


We are the wonderful woodpecker class!  Mrs Frost teaches us for four days and Mrs Wilson teaches us on Fridays.  Miss Harper and Miss Edgar are our teaching assistants. 


This term our topic is the Romans and we can't wait to find out about their ways of life and their culture. 


We work hard on our English and maths in the mornings and enjoy choosing our own maths challenges to stretch our brains!  It is our aim to learn all of our times tables by the end of Year 4.  We are encouraged to play online games, sing, perform and look for patterns within them at home.  It is exciting to move up the Olympic Times Table Challenge Ladder!


We look forward to our PE sessions with our sports coach on Thursdays and we always go outside to learn new skills and team games.  We enjoy learning to play the recorder and we are aiming to play a tune very soon!


This term we are trying out Latin for the first time!  Minimus is a Roman mouse who guides us in our sessions and it will be fascinating to learn everyday words and phrases that the Romans would have used.


We have 2 minions every day who are the class monitors and they are responsible for giving out books, maths trugs, taking messages around the school and reminding Mrs. Frost about anything she has forgotten!  We have 5 class pets: our 4 mice and Stephanie, our small fig tree whom we water once a week.


We venture into our beautiful grounds regularly as part of many of our learning experiences.  You will often find us exploring with our clipboards!


For more information about what we are learning please see the curriculum maps on our curriculum pages.
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